It’s Still Hot in Phoenix But There is Yummy Food



I’m still here…in the desert. It’s almost October and, while family and friends are starting to enjoy the approaching autumn, the Phoenix sun is trying hard to get into the swing of fall.

sunset desert

We actually did recently have an overcast day with a high of 84! It was wonderful. Really. So much cooler than 105! My friends and family on FB thought I was joking about this touch of fall but I was seriously excited! In the previous months I’ve tweeted or Facebook-ed,  you know you live in a desert when…you put sunscreen on to run errands, you’ve seriously considered buying potholders as a car accessory and sorbet for dinner seems perfectly normal. Sad but true…


But one thing Phoenix does have going for it get eateries! Thank goodness! A silver lining!

Gigi's smore

Let’s start with dessert. Please. And my fave – cupcakes! I’ve tried three local bakeries. Two I’d never return to and one that stands out by far – Gigi’s Cupcakes on the corner of 39th Street and CamelBack Road in Phoenix is just one of the locations. Moist, tons of flavor and did I say – moist? I love that they always have new choices along with the usual delicious stand bys. The only downside – no vegan choice. But they do have gluten-free. My top pick to date is Chocolate Salted Carmel. But next stop, their fall cupcake –  S’More!


Speaking of vegan, there are two restaurants with some awesome, yummy vegan – and non-vegan fare. Pita Jungle never disappointments me. With locations through out the Scottsdale-Phoenix area, it’s got a casual, up beat atmosphere. The wait staff is always friendly. The food is filling, comforting and still healthy. My two favorites to order – Three Humus Trio (original, roasted red pepper and cilantro-jalapeno) served with pitas for dipping and the over the top Grilled Vegetable Salad.  The humus is so creamy. It’s not your store bought variety. And the salad,it’s served warm with a tangy dressing.  Heaven.


My other recent find is the Flower Child near the corner of 44th Street and Camelback Road in Phoenix. I loved the Vegan Caesar Salad with Tofu. Light and full of summer flavor. And the peach lemonade was out of this world. Plus the restaurant is airy, beautiful and funky and the staff is super nice and helpful.


Okay…all this food talk is making me think it’s time to start making dinner!… Or just maybe I’ll make a food run!



Breakfast…Or Anytime!…Cookies


MyJourneyByJill Breakfast Cookies

After many weeks of falling off the grid, I’m back blogging. It’s not that I haven’t thought of blogging. Thoughts of new recipes. Thoughts of yoga and such BUT…I’ve been swamped with a new job. You know – or maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who doesn’t – just how nutty those first weeks of a new employment gig can be. It’s like driving to a foreign country for 8 hours a day! Exciting yet overwhelming. New but dang – a routine would be SO nice too. Thank goodness I’m over the hump and settled into my checklists and spreadsheets so that my day has some resemblance of normalcy. Although I get the feeling that being an admin assistant in a K through 12 private school with students with learning disabilities will never be boring or quiet. Read the rest of this entry

4th of July Vegan Carrot & Walnut Muffins


Muffin and coffee 2

{Photo:Yoga Journal}

When I think about yummy 4th of July eats, vegan carrot and walnut muffins immediately come to mind!…okay…not really…but I did make these delicious, healthy muffins and that patriotic holiday is just around the corner…so…Let’s tie it together this way… After you’ve enjoyed those barbecue hot dogs, potato chips with dip, macaroni salad and the numerous other picnic edibles, get back on track to healthy, mindful eating with these protein and fiber stuffed baked goodies! Read the rest of this entry

7 Days – 7 Things I Learned This Week



Sometimes life can pass by without us taking time to reflect. Every day is really an opportunity to learn, to grow, to make a realization about yourself. Even if its something that won’t bring world peace, it may just be a simple something that bringing a smile to your face. And there are those days that this is enough. Here’s my week in review… Read the rest of this entry

The Vegan and the Tuna with White Beans Salad


Mix tuna and beans My Journey by Jill

I know what your thinking. This just doesn’t make sense. A tuna eating vegan? Like many things in life eating vegan isn’t so black and white. There’s lots of gray. In simple terms a vegan doesn’t consume meat, dairy or eggs and maintains a plant based diet. There are as many variations of being vegan as there are why one adopts this lifestyle. There are vegans that alter their diet Monday through Friday but partake in all other foods on the weekend. Others are die hard followers that not only follow the food restrictions but won’t purchase leather and other animal products. This blog post is awesome for breaking it down. Read the rest of this entry

3 Reasons I’m Loving Yoga This Week


Yoga beach pose

{Photo: DailyInspirationBoard}

I’ve been practicing yoga for longer than I care to admit. (But only because it’ll help reveal just how old I really am. It has nothing to do with the pride of my practice.) At this stage, yoga is ingrained in my life. I do it automatically everyday. I actually look forward to it and I can’t imagine what my life would be like without it – both physically or mentally. This week I felt the need to share and give a shout out to three awesome, inspiring yoga “finds.” Read the rest of this entry

Crazy for Tropical Orange Coconut Muffins



Yippee! I’m enjoying a rainy day in Phoenix today! Cool. Breezy. Drizzly. Dark. Cloudy. Overcast. Spring-like. And in the words of Pooh Bear “A blustery day!” Let’s just say that a day here without sunshine is magical. A unicorn. A white buffalo. It’s a day I can happily put on cozy sweatpants, a well-worn sweater and my much-loved Ugg slippers. If I was a cat, I’d purr! Read the rest of this entry